Various Pics

(taken 3 July 2001)

Fresh Paint, yet to be wet sanded.

The color used is from the 95 to 97 Audi A4,
Color name:  Europe Blue Mica.
Color Code:      LZ5T

(Be careful, Audi used the same paint color name for the later (98 and newer),
but it's a lighter blue, but not as nice looking IMO.
 The paint code for that color is also close to the earlier, nicer color,  LZ5K, not LZ5T as used on my car.)

Also, look at the "2nd paint job" page, the color really brightens up and glows under sunlight.

Fresh Paint!  Looks pretty dark until the light hits it.

There ^ you can see the light reflecting in the Pearl.


View that the Honda's will get :)

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