(Last revised:  8 November 2001)

Brake Modifications

Master Cylinder:
    1979-81 280ZX Master Cylinder (early version with 2 separate resevoirs)

Hard and Soft Lines:
    Classic Tube Stainless Steel hard lines throughout.
    Russell Performance "Street legal" braided Stainless Steel hoses (P/N 8655) (sourced from Summit Racing)

Proportioning Valve:
    Stainless Steel Brakes adjustable proportioning valve (sourced from Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies), on transmission tunnel, under knee.

Lock Resistant Brake System:
    Stewart Components Lock resistant Brake System (LBS) damper installed just forward of rear splitter fitting over differential.

Front Brakes:
    Arizona Z Car Competition Front Brake Kit:
        - All alloy aluminum four piston calipers, stainless steel pistons,
        - 11.5 inch diameter vented rotors 1.25 inch thick
        - Billet T-6 aluminum rotor center.

Rear Brakes:
    Arizona Z Car Competition Rear Brake Kit:  (old version)
        - All alloy aluminum four piston calipers, stainless steel pistons,
        - 11.44 inch diameter .35 thick lightweight drilled rotor
        - Aluminum caliper bracket with threaded steel inserts.
        - Custom mounted Wilwood Mechanical Spot calipers for parking/emergency braking:

        I had a friend machine two identical caliper brackets that bolt to the Arizona Z car bracket and have fingers for the Wilwood Mechanical Spot caliper.  I used the spot calipers for a 0.5" disc, although the old version of the disc I have is 0.35".  This worked fine.

  Note that the left hole which mounts the bracket to the Arizona Z bracket is quite close to the edge.  This is not an issue, as the bolt will be pushed against the side of the hole next to the caliper and not toward the edge when the car is moving forward and the emergency brake is applied.  For parking brake duty, this would not matter.  The bottom curved edge of the bracket rests against the bottom of the strut housing casting as well.

  The two small holes at the top of the bracket (actually nearest the ground when installed) are provided in case I need to afix extensions to the slim fingers that hold the caliper.  There may be a need to extend these fingers out toward the disc to keep the caliper from binding, but so far this does not seem to be needed.  I made the brackets with that in mind, but it appears that this extra material near the fingers that hold the caliper is not needed.

  The OE 240Z parking brake cable was used.  It was rerouted and new spring/hanger mounts were added to the car to keep the cable from contacting the half-shafts.  The OE parking brake cable end bracket was cut down and a piece of angle was welded to it to mount under the bottom Wilwood brake caliper bolt.  Under the top Wilwood caliper bolt head, I added a small bracket to attach a spring to for retaining the cable away from the brake hose and rotation parts.