Exhaust System

(Last Revised 5 May 2007)

Starting at the engine, the exhaust system consists of:
 I also cut off the ears on the differential case that extend out beyond the rear cover at the lower corners to gain clearance there.  The entire system is no lower than the rest of the car except for that one short area below the transmission crossmember.

(Click on above picture for larger version)

Here are some pictures of the completed system.  Since the pictures below were taken, I've cut the pipes before the mufflers, just before the last bend into the muffler, and installed more 3-bolt flanges.  This was so that I could send the entire system to FL to be Stainless Steel Ceramic coated by Baxter Custom Engineering, except for the mufflers and the short pipe before them.  Just below are pictures of the system before being coated. I had the headers, and all piping and flanges up until just a foot before the mufflers Ceramic/Stainless steel coated, to keep it from rusting, and more importantly, to keep heat out of the engine compartment and out of the interior of the car.  (Pictures below.)
Looks a bit better, no?  It looks much nicer than the pictures show.  Of course, they spent 3 hours of labor on cleaning up my welds, etc.  They did a heck of a nice job.  It looks almost too good to put under a car!

Since the above picture, I painted the pipe from the flange to the mufflers with silver Miracle paint from Hirsch Automotive.  It might end up burning off, so I'll keep an eye on it.  The mufflers were too large to fit in the kitchen oven, as I was going to use Tech-line's aluminum ceramic coating on those.