Engine weight:

From Dave Williams Engine weight chart  (http://www.bacomatic.org/~dw/library/txt/engfyi.htm) , the iron head small block Chevy V8 weighs 575 lbs. I'm not sure if this is a long block, or with a cast iron intake manifold, or what.  The 327 has about the same weight as a 350 with the same equipment.

The 350 has the same bore (4.00" standard) but a longer stroke (3.48" vs. 3.25") than the 327.  I like the quick revving and responsiveness of the 327.  Better stock rod/stroke ratio for all around use (Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins and I think so :).  My engine has the iron block, iron heads, an aluminum water pump (6 lb. savings).  I have an Aluminum dual plane high rise manifold (~15lb. savings) and Hooker block hugger  headers (how much?).  I will use a gear reduction starter (9 lb. savings).  I saved a little weight  with the headers, intake, and water pump, maybe 40 lbs.  When the car is sorted out, and I find the bucks, I'll start hunting for Aluminum heads - which will shave another 40lbs.  So now you are down to the 500 lb. range for the complete engine (assuming a complete iron small block V8 weighs 575 lbs.)

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