Initial Engine/Trans Trial Fit 

 5.4 Liter V8 and Tranny
 (Click here for details on V8/Tremec installation)
 327 Chevy bored 0.030" w/ TRW Forged Pistons = 9.7:1 Compression
461 Casting "double hump" heads w/ 2.02&1.60 valves, ported
274/280 (236/242 @.050) 0.501/0.510" Xtreme Solid Lifter Cam
Pete Jackson Gear Drive, 1.52:1 Comp Cams Pro Magnum Rockers
Holley #300-36 Dual Plane Intake w/ Holley 650cfm Double Pumper.
Lakewood Blowproof Bellhousing
305 TPI lightweight Flywheel and Pres. plate
Tremec TR3550 5spd "GMed" by 
Dark Horse Performance
Mcleod Hydraulic Throw Out Bearing
Mcleod Dual Material Clutch Disk

 Going in...wait will this thing fit??

Hmm... Looks sort of large for the bay...

Well.. This isn't looking totally hopeless...

That balancer looks close...

 ...Slowly... watch that firewall!...

 ...Whew!  With Room to Spare!

...Currently, the engine compartment 
looks like this: