(Last Revised 7 Jun 2002)


    Per the JTR "Datsun Z V8 Conversion Manual", I'm using the 1984-86 Camaro Aluminum/Plastic radiator (the non-heavy duty one).  I bought my radiator used from Jim Biondo, who had it in his Z before the good fans were known about.  You should check out his car!

    Top Hose:  Dayco 70651cs  -  This hose is very long and had close to a foot of extra length I didn't need.  I used a 1-1/2" ID to 1-1/4" ID Hose adapter to connect it to the radiator, NAPA PN 900 "Hose Adapter"
    Bottom Hose:  Dayco 71217  -  Perfect fit with my custom low mouted alternator.  Looks OE.
    Heater Hoses:  Dayco 80407 - This is a long straight hose with a 90 degree bend at one end.  I used one for each hose, with the 90 degree bend at the heater box/valve.  Plenty of length to reach the front of the engine.

    For a fan, I used a Ford 1998 Mustang GT radiator cooling fan.  It is a two speed unit, and the low speed pulls more air than the Flexlite 150 fan!  It pulls around 20 amps on the low speed and 35 on the high speed!  I hacked off the large mounting "ears" off of each side and fastened it with brackets that sandwich the shroud.  It its mounted at four points, two top from the top radiator bracket and at two points below to the lower radiator bracket.  Summit Motor Products (not Summit Racing) makes a pigtail for wiring it, PN 60036.

    Jim also told me about Stewart Components which makes a series of high flow, low drag water pumps.  I bought a Stage 2 pump (long form factor, machine polished).  The theory that Howard Stewart bases his cooling systems on is that higher flow rates mean better cooling.  He also has redesign the internal passages of the pump casting to equalize flow on both sides of the engine.  His pumps are supposedly used by most of the NASCAR set.

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